It's time to say goodbye; Move-O-Scope is closing down. As long as the site is up, you'll still have access your visualizations, but you can't request recent data from Moves. Thank you for all the great feedback and for using Move-O-Scope over the years!

Explore your Moves activity history

How to get started:

To use MOVE-O-SCOPE, you'll need to add it as a 'Connected App' by entering a personalized PIN code in the Moves app on your phone.

Review the following steps, and then click the 'Connect my Moves account' button below. Once, you get your PIN code and enter it in your phone, the PIN code page will automatically direct you to the visualization. Do not press 'Back' or close the window.

HINT: Your experience will be better if you have already assigned Foursquare place names to your spots within the mobile app!


Go to Moves settings


Go to Connected Apps


Enter PIN


Type in the PIN Code and tap 'OK'


Allow the Permission Request

Thanks for reading all that. Now it's time to click the button!